4x4 Tyre and Wheel Upgrade Packages

Caution needs to be taken when investigating upgrading your wheel and tyres on your 4x4 or 4WD.

Here’s some insight into the process when purchasing new wheels and tyres.  A number of people have presented their vehicle to our workshop with tyres they’ve purchased from Gumtree (or a mate) only to find a couple of problems:

  • the stud pattern on the wheel hub is different
  • the tyres aren’t roadworthy
  • the rims aren’t a safe load rating for the vehicle
  • the rims aren’t safe for towing a caravan or trailer
  • The new size increases the diameter of the wheels/tyres making the car unroadworthy which is a serious problem if you need to make an insurance claim. We have heard of instances where an insurance claim has been declined as a result of this
  • the replacement wheels didn’t come with the correct wheel nuts, which can sometimes cost up to $15 each (multiply that by 24)

Don’t be fooled by the old – “wheels and tyre from $1500 etc.” Generally a decent well known brand of wheel will usually set you back $250-$500 per rim and these come with the correct spacer rings and wheel nuts to suit your vehicle.

New rims add appeal to the vehicle like this one below.

We generally use Allied and Boss Wheels so checkout their website to find out which wheels are more suited to your vehicle.

4x4 tyres Silverstone A/T Tyres

Silverstone A/T Tyres


You’ll see our workshop Ute – Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R which has a 2″ lift and upgraded wheels and tyres. We’ve gone from a 17″ to an 18″ rim and matched the tyre size to what’s fitted to a Mitsubishi Pajero NS. The specs stay within Roadworthy Requirements.

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