Brake Repair Gold Coast

Repair and replacement of brakes, pads, rotors and calipers

Do you know if your brakes are safe? Like most workshops, we carry out brake repairs and replacement here at Ashmore RWC on the Gold Coast.  Good brakes help to keep your car safe on the road. Just because your car isn’t due for a service, doesn’t mean the brakes are okay.Does your vehicle have an electric hand brake? Good News! Our scan tool has the capabilities that we can replace the brakes on your vehicle. Electric hand brakes are becoming more common on the likes of Porsche, Audi, VW, Subaru and Mercedes just to name a few. It’s not quite as straight forward as it used to be and some workshops will struggle with this type of repair so its best to ask first.

How do I know if my brakes need a service?

If you’re unsure or concerned about the way the car pulls up, if it bounces too much, doesn’t feel stable or is making a strange noise, make an appointment and we will check it out for you. Sometimes the steering wheel will shake, or the pedal will pulsate when applying the brakes, especially when slowing down on the M1. This is commonly caused by ‘run out’ or ‘warped’ disc rotors. This can usually be fixed by machining or replacing the disc rotors.

Just need a set of brake pads, or budget a bit tight at the moment?

Although we prefer to fit the better brands of brake pads like Bendix; we can fit a new set of brake pads from as little as $130**  Obviously it depends on the car and the style of brake caliper. Some are much quicker to fit than others. Cheaper brands tend to create and form dust on wheels and are more likely to squeal. We prefer to fit the higher quality brands of brake parts but we will attempt to cater to every customer’s needs. Initial quotes are free and so is our advice.

How much will new brake pads cost?

Brake Pads fitted starting from $130** Using Trustop/Motorgear brand Brake Pads **where listing and stock is availableBendix Brake Pads fitted starting from $155**New Brake pads and Rotors starting from $290**

Still Unsure?

Call Nick or Andy today on 0498 149 337 and we will work out the best solution for you.The metal tab at the bottom of a brake pad is called a ‘wear indicator’.  Not all brakes will have these fitted however when they do and the brakes get low enough, the squealing noise can be heard giving you some notice that brakes need replacement. Sometimes the brake rotors (or discs) will need to be replaced too.Did you know that even though a car has recently passed a Roadworthy Inspection, there is still a possibility that the brakes pads could be low?We can also have your brake calipers and brake master cylinder reconditioned should new ones not be available.Q: I own a high Mercedes and BMW, can you still replace my brakes these types of car?A: Yes, we have plenty of experience in replacement of Brakes on high end vehicles such as a Merceds C63 and all the way down to a Cherry J1. We also offer Clutch repairs and replacement.