Clutch Replacement and Gearbox Repairs

Need a clutch replacement or repair on the Gold Coast?

At Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services, we can replace your faulty clutch.  From dual mass flywheels, clutch kits to the hydraulics including the slave cylinder, master cylinder or hoses.

Does the clutch fluid need replacing? We can do that too! There isn’t really a given time on how long a clutch should last, it all comes down to the driver and how they treat the clutch. Doing burn outs and revving the engine high on take off will shorten the life of a clutch.

We also offer brake repair and replacement.

How do you inspect the clutch?

There isn’t really a way to visually inspect a clutch apart from removing it from the car.  This entails removing either the engine or the gearbox to gain access in order to remove it. (The gearbox is usually the easier option). Sometimes additional labour will be required if the sub frame requires removal in order to get the gearbox out of the vehicle.

The way we will generally check the condition of your clutch is by road testing the vehicle. Don’t always be alarmed if the pedal feels high, every vehicle has their own characteristics and some of them feel quite high from new and will sometimes give you the false pretense that the clutch is close to failure.

What does a clutch kit include?

When a clutch kit is purchased, it will usually consist of: a clutch plate, clutch disc (this has the friction material) and a release/throw-out bearing.

Did you know that along with the clutch as pictured above, there is also the cable or in most vehicles now, the hydraulic components?

These items are what do the the work when the driver depresses the clutch pedal. It is what does the work to tell the clutch when to engage and disengage.

Price List

We have some pricing estimates below for clutch kits: A clutch kit includes a clutch friction disc, pressure plate and release bearing. Generally, a clutch kit does not include hydraulic components as these are separate part of the clutch system.

Depending on the design of the clutch system, some vehicles do have a “concentric slave cylinder” This is the exception of when a part of clutch hydraulic system can sometimes be included in the clutch kit. When asking for an estimate, please ask us and we can confirm the type of clutch system your vehicle has in place.

Some price estimates for clutch replacement here at our Gold Coast workshop are below.  Please note that prices are subject to change as suppliers unfortunately change their pricing regularly: Please call for an accurate quote.  Clutch replacement can range in price quite substantially. We are finding it more and more common for vehicles to be fitted with “Dual Mass flywheels” which unfortunately means more expensive parts. The benefit of it a much nicer feeling clutch pedal. This is our basic price guide to give you an idea.

Be wary of workshops offering cut-price so called “deals” that get you in the door initially, only to get that dreaded phone call a few hours later that the estimate has substantially increased. We attempt to keep our estimates as close to the final invoice price as possible and will always try to advise of possible incidentals based on our experience with each particular vehicle model.

Hyundai Getz $675

Toyota Rav 4, 4 cylinder 2001-2005 $1450

Mitsubishi Evo 7 standard clutch $1400 or Heavy Duty $1700

Toyota Corolla 1994 – 2005 $750

Holden Commodore VE SS L98 up to 2008 – $1800 (clutch kit, new fly wheel and concentric slave cylinder)

Toyota Hiace 2WD Diesel 1KD engine 2006-2011 $950

Mitsubishi Express 2WD 2.0 / 2.4L petrol 1994-2007 $590

Hyundai Tuscon 2007-2010 4 cylinder $1350

Subaru Forester 2006 clutch $1200  (Variant with single mass flywheel)

SsangYong Actyon Sports Diesel 2WD $1400 (these have a concentric slave cylinder)

Suzuki Swift 1.5 M15A 2005-2010 $895

Hyundai I-Load Petrol 2.4L 2009 $895

Mitsubishi Express Van 2.0 Petrol 1995-2007 $650

Nissan Navara D40 Single Mass Conversion Kit $2400

Please note that prices are estimates and are subject to change, and suppliers frequently change parts pricing.

If you would like a quote for a clutch replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 55395944, or even send us an email or SMS 0498 149 337 and we will assist you as best we can.

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