CV Boot replacement and CV Joint Replacement Gold Coast

If you’re a Gold Coaster enquiring about CV Joint or CV Boot replacement we can help.  Our qualified mechanics at Ashmore RWC can replace your Drive Shaft, CV boot, steering rack boot and CV joints. The myth is that your need to go to a CV specialist, this is not the case – we have loads of experience in this. CV stands for ‘constant velocity’ and the CV boot is a rubber casing that covers the CV joint, forming part of the drive shaft of your car.

How to tell if there’s an issue with your CV Joints or CV Boot:

Broken CV Joints tend to click when accelerating and turning and if you hear this noise be sure to have it checked. With the CV Boot generally you won’t know you have an issue until your mechanic tells you, although a broken CV boot will generally lead to a broken CV joint.

Common roadworthy failure item

One of the most common Roadworthy Inspection failure items is split, torn or leaking CV boots. CV boots that have deteriorated and are not attended to early enough will end up costing you more money in the long run. 1 new CV boot supplied and fitted starts from $120, a new drive shaft starts from $270 and pricing moves upwards from there.

Leaking CV Boots

Leaking CV boots allow the grease to escape from the CV joint which then leads to a lack of lubrication. Along with road grime, dirt and water getting into the CV joint, this shortens the serviceable life of the the joint  To make matters worse, the grease can in fact contaminate the brakes causing a potential safety hazard.

CV boot

CV Boot

CV boot replacement

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When was the last time you had your CV boot and CV joints inspected?

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