Engine Light On – Engine Warning Light

Bothered by an Engine Warning Light on Your Dash?

It’s normal for the engine warning light and other lights to come on when you start your car. What isn’t normal is when a light stays on continuously after your car has started. If the engine warning light, ABS light or SRS warning light stays illuminated this indicates that there is a fault somewhere in the vehicle. It’s best to get it checked out as soon as possible.

How do we diagnose the problem?

We can use a Launch Diagnostic scan tool which is capable of checking the engine warning light and other warning lights for 95% of cars on the road, even imports and brand new cars! A common myth is that a mechanic simply plugs their diagnostic scanning tool into their computer, clears the light and off you go. Sometimes that can be the case. Unfortunately though, just because a sensor is triggering a code, it doesn’t always mean that the sensor is at fault. It is our job to carry out the tests and find the fault to ensure the safety of your car. We have an up-to-date scan tool that is compatible with most vehicles on the road.With so many different makes and models, sometimes we’ll call out a specialist to help if we can’t get to the bottom of the problem of why your engine warning light is staying on.If the engine warning light or other warning lights such ABS, SRS or brake lights are staying on, this is considered a Roadworthy Item. In this case it’s best to get a Vehicle Diagnostic Check for your safety and to make sure there’s no damage to your vehicles electrical system.Electric Handbrakes are starting to become more common on late model vehicles. Did you know that a scan tool needs to be used in order to change the brake pads? The good news is that with our Diagnostic Scan tool, our workshop is capable of carrying out this repair to most vehicles.

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