Ford Ranger Squeak on Acceleration

Does your Ford Ranger make a strange squeak type noise on acceleration? This is a concern that we have had multiple customers mention when booking their Ford Ranger or Mazda BT50 in for a service.

Great news – we have had success rectifying this noise. Unfortunately our solution hasn’t fixed every single one of these however out of the first 10 vehicles that have presented with this fault, our solution has fixed 9 of them. Pretty good stats so far.

A Ford Ranger Getting a Diesel Intake Clean with out on car machine

Blockage in an intake manifold caused by carbon is becoming a large problem on late model diesel engines. Soot, carbon and oil build up, and all mixed together contributes to a blockage in the intake, starving the engine of the air that is needed to keep the engine running pristine.

The solution is an on-car intake system treatment. We have a special machine that distributes the correct amount of solution across a suitable and safe timeframe to clean the engine’s intake system without the removal of the engine intake manifold itself.

Sure, the removal of the intake manifold is the best solution and we will never deny this, however in terms of trying to save our customers’ money, this option is a far cheaper alternative.

Take a Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 diesel for example. To remove the intake manifold, scrub it clean and replace associated gaskets, the cost is in the vicinity of $450 – $500.

In comparison, the cost to buy one 1 bottle of our ProStream Diesel intake system cleaner would cost $199.

Are you having issues with your Ford Ranger or Mazda BT50 squeaking on acceleration? Get in touch, we’d love to help if we can.