Changing Your Holden Cruze Timing Belt

Is your Holden Cruze due to have its timing chain or timing belt replaced? Good news, Ashmore RWC and Automotive specialise in replacement of the 1.8 petrol F18D4, 1.4 turbo petrol A14NET, 2.0 diesel Z20D1 Engine Variants.

We have the tools needed to replace the timing belt or timing chain in each of these engines. It’s very easy to get these ones wrong without the correct tools. The engine will still run although there will usually be an intermittent warning light on the dash.

Prices can vary as depending on which engine is fitted to your Holden Cruze. There are components that can be beneficial to replace at the same time. These can include; camshaft and crankshaft seals, rocker cover gasket, water pump, thermostat, drive belt, oil cooler. All of which are inspected upon removal.

With the 1.4 turbo petrol engine this particular engine is run by a timing chain. These chains are prone to rattles on start up and when running. The other issue that is becoming more apparent is the engine light coming on. Usually it will produce a P0016 and P0017 warning codes. Workshops that aren’t familiar with these engines will replace the sensors first, wasting $100’s of dollars in many cases. The problem is that the sensors are just doing their job in that they indicate that there is a fault.

holden cruze cylinder head

holden cruze cylinder head


Holden Cruze Timing Belt

Timing Belt Holden Cruze

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