Hyundai I40 Steering Knock

We can also fix Hyundai Veloster.


Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services can fix your your Hyundai I40 steering knock. Similar to the hyundai I30 Steering Clunk / Knock, the steering column is removed to gain access to the Electric Power Steering Motor which enables us to replace the coupling / bush that wears out, creating the awful clunk noise.

It is also similar on some Elantra and Sonata Models.

hyundai i40 steering problems

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The Hyundai I40 steering column repair is more time consuming than the I30 due to the extra components to remove such as the Knee air bag, brake switch and wiring. The column itself is also heavier than the I30 and a little bit more fiddly to remove from the vehicle.

hyundai i40 steering repairs

Ashmore RWC and Automotive Service have experience in carrying out repairs to the Hyundai I40 Steering column so make sure when you are selecting a mechanic for this type of speciality steering knock repair that you consider us!

It is also essential that the SAS or Steering angle sensor be re-calibrated after carrying out this repair as warning lights will sometimes appear on the dashboard after the repair is complete.

Hyundai I40 Steering Clunk

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