Jeep Car Servicing – Gold Coast

Get your next Jeep Service at Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services. We have many customers with Jeep Cherokee’s, Grand Cherokees, Patriots and Wranglers. We also service other American Performance Cars makes Dodge and Chrysler. You’ll love our friendly service and honest, transparent pricing.

We’re more affordable than your Jeep Dealer

There’s no need to go back to the Jeep Dealer for your regular logbook servicing. We can service your car without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

Servicing your Jeep

Most Jeeps take a special grade of oil such as Penrite Enviro + 5W20, which we recommend is changed every 10,000 – 12,000km. A lot of workshops don’t have this grade of oil readily available whereas at Ashmore RWC we always keep this oil in stock.

Like any make, Jeeps do sometimes encounter their own issues, and the most common Jeep-specific work we do is servicing and ball joint replacement. We have all the correct tools and equipment to replace these. Even other workshops use us to carry out these type of repairs.

Jeep Capped Price Servicing

How do you interpret “Capped price servicing?” That the final invoice price for your service should be the same price that you were quoted? Of course, there are instances where additional items are needed such as brakes, suspension, steering or other serviceable components. But, this will always be discussed with you first. You can always say No and as long as it isn’t something that is causing a safety concern to you and others on the road, we’ll tailor a time frame or plan to get these things addressed.

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