Mitsubishi Service Gold Coast 

Do you need a car service for your Mitsubishi and want assurance that a qualified Mitsubishi mechanic is working on your car?

We provide an alternative to the dealer and everything is done as per manufacturers recommendation to ensure that you won’t void your new car warranty. 

Our servicing is usually cheaper than the Mitsubishi dealer, and we also use better quality oils. Ask the dealer what brand of oil is going in your car. Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services only use Penrite, an Australian company that has been around since 1926.

We have range of experience of most Mitsubishi models including:

  • Outlander
  • Pajero
  • Lancer
  • Mirage
  • Triton
  • ASX

Logbook Servicing is our expertise.

Specialist Mechanic on site for your Mitsubishi

Would you like a quote for your next service? Please email or call 55 395 944.  You’re also most welcome to SMS or call 0498 149 337. if we’re not at the shop we will get back to you.

Whether you’re after a logbook Mitsubishi Specialist or a Mechanic who doesn’t overcharge and carry out unnecessary repairs, you’ve come to right place.

Does your Evo need the timing belt replaced?

We love Mitsubishi! 

Zupps Mitsubishi Gold Coast is the car dealer where I began my apprenticeship 16 years ago, before it was taken over by Von Bibra Southport.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Mitsubishi’s. I currently own a Mirage and Pajero.  Prior to the mirage I was a proud owner of a Lancer GSR too which I regret selling as they seem to be too few and far between now to replace.

Mitsubishi’s are always welcome in my workshop. I’m very biased toward these cars.