Toyota Corolla Power Window Problems: We have the solution!

An interesting new “common fault” has been arising among Toyota Corollas. And we’ve noticed this problem is becoming more frequent. It’s the plastic window guides breaking off the window glass.

toyota corolla power window broken plastic guides

Later model Toyota Corolla ZRE152 and ZRE153 models are showing this.

Coming to the realisation that the window plastic mounts cannot be bought separately and attempting to reglue them is destined to only give short term relief, the only proper way to fix this is to the replace the whole window glass.

Genuine from Toyota the cost is $420. Ouch!  Luckily, after numerous phone calls (for new and second hand parts) we have found an after-market alternative. It’s worth noting that none of the 4 Gold Coast car wreckers we contacted had any available.

Please be aware that prices are subject to change, but we managed to pick the last one up for about $265. So with some labour on top for fitment, which does take a little bit of time, it works out much cheaper than buying the genuine Toyota variant – which doesn’t appear to have had any modification in preventing this problem reocccuring.

The window regulators and window motors are also expensive in this model, so the broken window plastic mounts are usually the best case scenario.

Toyota Corolla Window Glass Replacement

If you’d like a power window repair specialist to help with your window woes, be sure to contact us today!