Car Servicing Gold Coast

Are you a Gold Coaster looking for car servicing with someone you can trust?

Great communication, honest pricing and excellent customer service…these are some of the words our customers use to describe their experience with us.

We offer General Car Servicing and Logbook Car Servicing and we’re centrally located on the Gold Coast at Ashmore  – in between Benowa, Southport, Nerang, Molendinar and Surfers Paradise.

What we inspect during your car service:


  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Steering System
  • Top up Fluid
  • Road test
  • Driveline check including wheel bearings, CV’s, differential
  • Water pump
  • Belts and hoses

Our Promises

  • You and your car will be treated with respect
  • You won’t be sold unnecessary repairs
  • Your car will be fitted with good quality parts and oils
  • We’ll stick to quotes as closely as possible
  • We’ll stick to scheduled completion times as closely as possible
  • There’ll be no unexpected items on your invoice

What our customers say

General Car Servicing

One major benefit of choosing us to service your car is you can be assured a qualified mechanic is working on your car and if there are any concerns, you can speak directly with the person working on your vehicle.

We get it – when choosing someone to regularly service your car, price is important. And while our car servicing prices are reasonable, we know we’re not the cheapest. 

Every vehicle is unique and so is the pricing on car servicing. Please be aware that getting your car serviced at the cheapest price may not be the best option for the long term performance of your car.

Also, when dealing with the ‘cheapest’ be aware of hidden extras as we don’t like hearing stories of car owners being overserviced with add-ons that become unnecessary costs above the price of your ‘cheap’ service.

Logbook Car Servicing

Take advantage of our expertise in logbook car servicing, especially if your car is still under warranty.

When you book in your car for a logbook car service, it will be carried out as per the manufacturers specifications using reputable brand parts and Penrite Oil or the manufacturer equivalent. The ensures that the work has been completed to the manufacturer’s standards in the event your vehicle requires unscheduled warranty repairs by the dealer.


We offer car servicing for most makes and models including:

AudiLand Rover
DaewooMercedes Benz
Great WallPeugeot

Some words from our owner, Nick:

There are so many auto-repair shops around, how do you choose the best mechanic to look after your car?

Being in my position, car servicing is something I’ve never had to worry about. I’ve been a mechanic since was able to drive and my Dad always worked in the automotive industry. There’s lots of information and promises made on websites – but actions speak louder than words. Price is one thing, but you also need to consider the quality of the parts, and whether the mechanic who is working on your car is adequately qualified. I’ve had years of experience working at small and large workshops  and I can tell you first-hand that a branded or franchised company does not necessarily mean you’ll get a better outcome for your car – or your wallet.

Terminology for ‘Car Servicing’

The terminology around servicing modern vehicles can feel confusing to customers. Here’s an overview of different types of car servicing offered by dealers and auto repair shops: 

Logbook Service

This is what the car manufacturer (e.g. Toyota, Mazda) specifies will need to be replaced / checked / cleaned / adjusted in order to maintain a vehicle’s warranty. It is imperative that the correct engine oil be used. There are so many variations of vehicle oils and using the wrong oil can have a detrimental effect on your car.

Capped Price Car Servicing

Capped price car servicing is generally a dealer service to entice customers. Ensure you check what is actually being carried out on the service. We can’t guarantee to beat pricing for a dealer capped-price service but please don’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for an alternative.

Fixed Price Car Servicing

Fixed price car servicing is very similar to capped price servicing. The idea is that you book your vehicle in for a service based on an initial quotation (usually online). On collection of your vehicle, the final invoice price will be exactly what you were quoted.

What happens when we uncover something that needs repair?

Sometimes during a car service we may uncover a repair that needs to be carried out. If this happens when we are servicing your car, you will be contacted immediately to advise you of the repair needed, the cost involved and to request your approval before carrying out the repair.  This way there are no nasty surprises or ‘bill shock’ when you come to collect your car. 

Service intervals, oil quality and oil change periods

Car engines and oil quality has improved greatly over the years and as a result, manufacturer service intervals have increased too. For certain car models the service interval can now can range from 10,000 to 25,000kms and even up to 2 years for some models.

Unfortunately this gives car owners a false sense of security by assuming that keeping to these recommended intervals the engine will be trouble-free. This is far from the truth.

In most car owners handbooks, the manual will mention things like personal driving habits and road conditions where the service intervals by kilometers do not apply. 

Using the right oil for your car

Water vapour, unburnt fuel and gases from the combustion process can overload your engine oil and these combine to form sludge deposits on your engine. Engine sludge clogs the oil galleries and limits lubrication to moving parts inside the engine which can lead to costly repairs. It takes about 15 – 20 kilometers from an engine at cold start to fully warm up and reduce the rate of contamination. This is why we change the engine oil.

That’s also why using a quality oil and changing it regularly is essential. When poor quality or incorrect oil is used in an engine it doesn’t have the right additives or viscosity to begin with, which leads to premature sludge build up. On numerous occasions we’ve seen a vehicle with a “full service history” from the manufacturer arrive with a sludgey engine.

Castrol hit the nail in the head a few years back with “oils ain’t oils” campaign and they were spot on. Next time you’re visiting Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services, have a look at our oil shelf. What you will see is sometimes up to 20 different variants of engine oil in stock. We’re serious about putting the right oil in your car and helping your engine last the distance – not adding you to the growing number of car drivers needing an engine replacement.

What else do we do?

In addition to car servicing, we also carry out Brake repairs/replacement, Clutch repair/replacement, Roadworthy Certificates, Power window repairs and unique faults such as the Hyundai i30 steering clunk.

If what you’re after isn’t listed on our website, please contact us to find out if we can help.


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