Holden Cruze faults:

Unfortunately if you are reading this, you’re likely doing some research on why your Holden cruze is having problems.  Below I have listed common Holden Cruze faults that we come across in the workshop.

Cylinder Head

One issue we see on a regular basis is problems with the cylinder head.

A Cylinder head or head gasket failure is quite often the outcome of overheating, initially caused from a failed cooling system component. Whether it be the water pump, radiator, thermostat or oil cooler, being unattended and not having the fault checked by a mechanic can lead to head gasket problems.

The most interesting case we have come across was a crack in the alloy which was causing a coolant leak into the spark plug chambers. Unfortunately this one wasn’t repairable and we had to source a complete cylinder head. The engine only had 65,000klms on it.

Timing Chain/Belt

Unless you are a trained Mechanic it is not recommended to try repairing timing chains/belts yourself at home.

Whether you have the 1.4 turbo or the 1.8 L petrol variant, it it advised that special tools be used to refit the timing chain or timing belt correctly depending which engine you are repairing.  Giving an exact quote on this type of job can be tricky as there are incidental and preventative maintenance items that need to be checked

A good example is shown in the pictures below.  The timing chain tensioner on this one didn’t appear to be in good shape plus some of the lifters weren’t in a good condition. These items are not really something that you want to be changing after the repairs have been carried out as at the time of doing the job the additional labour is basically nil due to the fact that these items are removed as part of the process.

holden cruze cylinder head

holden cruze cylinder head.

Other Holden Cruze faults


PCV failure (positive crankcase ventilation)

Signs of a PCV failure are oil leaks, pressure, sludgy build up and poor driving performance.

Oil cooler Seal leaks and oil cooler internal faults

Usually there will be a presence of oil in the cooling system.

ECU/ECM failure

The engine ECU is located under the bonnet.  We have had a number of these where the engine has been washed down or degreased and the engine ECU has become wet as a result, causing it to fail.

Ignition coil failure

Engine Running Rough? this will quite often be the result of a faulty ignition coil. The engine will lack power and seem like it’s stuttering. The engine warning light will also illuminate on the dash.

Noisy engine on start up

This one we are yet to confirm the exact cause. We have replaced particular components which have been diagnosed at a dealer level although none of these particular items have rectified the issue. The cost of stripping down the engine completely just isn’t cost effective so we are yet to investigate this one further.

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