Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Get a pre purchase vehicle check / used car inspection before you buy!

A pre purchase vehicle inspection is something we always recommend when buying a second-hand car, regardless of its age and where you are buying it from.

A pre purchase inspection at Ashmore RWC starts from only $150. This is much cheaper than RACQ and other Pre-purchase Inspection workshops who charge in excess of $250.

Pre purchase inspections are much more comprehensive than a Roadworthy Inspection and can identify issues that make a big difference to the value of a car.  We may be able to advise you of things that are coming up for repair / replacement so you can factor that into your purchase price.

A small price to pay that could save you thousands on your used vehicle

At the end of the day, no one wants to buy a lemon. It’s a negative experience for anyone getting a first service on a newly acquired used car and finding out it needs major repairs. Problems should be fixed before you buy a second-hand car, not dealt with afterwards. A pre-purchase used car inspection is a small cost to outlay that could potentially save you thousands in the long run. If it turns out that it is a good car, then great! Money well spent and you have peace of mind that you’re driving a safe vehicle. It pays to get a pre purchase inspection!

Why pre purchase car checks are crucial

A very good example of the importance of pre purchase inspections involves a vehicle that came into our workshop in mid-2016. It was a 2004 Toyota Corolla with only 80,000kms on the clock, perfect paint work, and seemed like a great car on face value.  Unfortunately the vehicle had no service history (we do know that logbooks do legitimately get lost from time to time). A vehicle check found that the engine number didn’t match the paper work, we could see that the engine had recently been removed for some reason, and the engine that had been installed had excessive sludge build up in it (a common occurrence from lack of oil change or poor quality oil). Although we are not experienced panel beaters it was apparent that this car had sustained substantial damage to the front, rear and sides which I assume was why it appeared to have a fresh coat of paint.

Meanwhile the prospective purchaser, unhappy that the car turned out to be not good for her, was also relieved that she hadn’t gone through with the purchase.

Unfortunately it is becoming a common occurrence where someone has bought a vehicle without a roadworthy certificate, presents the car to my workshop for inspection and unfortunately it fails, and usually it’s serious items like brakes, tyres, seat belts and faulty suspension.

The last 2 pre-purchase checks that we have carried out we came across the same thing on both occasions; Timing belt history was unknown, seller thought/claimed that it had been done. Now, the cars themselves weren’t too bad overall.

The buyers both ended up replacing the timing belt kits and on removal of both of them, the hydraulic tensioner was found to be leaking and had lost its tension making the timing belt very loose. (very lucky for it not to have jumped teeth and caused damage to the engine internally).

Both of these customers found the pre-purchase check very useful and although items requiring attention were found, being made aware of it allowed the buyers to negotiate a fairer price with the seller given the repairs needed.

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