wheel bearing replacement

Wheel Bearing Replacement service on the Gold Coast

Does your vehicle need a wheel bearing replacement? Come and see us at Ashmore RWC and Automotive, we’re experts in the replacement of wheel bearings.

What are wheel bearings?

Wheel bearings are a mechanical part that allows your wheels to spin quietly and at high speeds. They come in many different designs and the time needed to replace different types of wheel bearings varies. Some require packing with grease and some are press-fit.

Press fit and bolt on hubs

The 2 more common types that we come across are the press-fit type and a complete bolt-on hub. Some manufacturers even incorporate the ABS (anti-lock brake system) sensor ring into it.

Press-fit bearings generally require a hydraulic press to remove and refit the bearing correctly. This design does takes longer to fit although is usually cheaper than a hub assembly.

Hub assembly type bearings are a bolt-on unit. Providing that they’re not seized when removed the labour fitment time is usually less than the press-fit type bearings, the part is more expensive in most cases though.

Removal and repacking of wheel bearings is beginning to become a thing of the past however some 4WD vehicles are still using this type of design.

Check during scheduled servicing

Wheel bearings are usually checked on a scheduled servicing program although it is something that we find to be commonly missed by both less trained mechanics and people that maintain their own vehicle.

Next time your wheel bearing requires replacement,consider Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services in Gold Coast central. Wheel bearing replacement specialists.

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wheel bearing replacement

wheel bearing replacement


Choose a mechanic that has the right tools for the job. We have an up to date hydraulic press that allows us to fit wheel bearings correctly and safely.