Electric Window Repair

Has your electric or power window stopped working?

On top of being a mechanical servicing and repair workshop, we can also fix your electric windows. The 2 most common problems with electric windows are the switch or the regulator. The regulator is usually a cable operated device with an electric motor attached to it. It is common for the cable to snap or become twisted, or sometimes the motor can burn out too.

What can be done to fix your power window?

The good news is that we don’t always have to buy these from the Dealer or manufacturer. Sometimes the switches can be pulled apart and the contacts cleaned out and the switch will be working as it was before. It’s best not to try pulling it apart yourself if you don’t have much experience in this area, as they are very easy to break.  With the regulator, we have 2 main suppliers, one locally on the Gold Coast and one in Brisbane. In the worst case, if there is no stock available and you have some spare time, we can send your original unit to Brisbane to be rebuilt.If your vehicle has wind up windows and the regulator breaks, we can also fix this for you too.Electric window repair is just another service we can help you with at Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services. Whether it be a Mitsubishi model, a Nissan, Toyota or BMW (or any other make or model!) we can cater to your requirements. Hyundai I30 window regulators have become a common issue we have seen recently in the workshop.Call for a quote as prices for new window regulators / window motors can range anywhere from $300 – $1000 + although most are in the $350-$475 range.

Door lock / switches / actuator repair

Another Item that we can also inspect for you are faulty door locks and door lock switches / actuators. Door lock actuators will either not work or become noisy in operation. It’s best to sort the problem out once they become noisy as the worst case scenario can be that the door locks itself and won’t manually unlock or the latch becomes stuck the lock position and the door wont physically shut. Still unsure?

Call today on 0498 149 337 and we’ll be happy to help with your electric window repair.

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