4WD Suspension Lift Kits and Suspension Upgrades.

Dobinsons Suspension

With so many options on the market for upgrading your suspension, including the likes of all the inferior products that can be purchased on sites like ebay, it can get very confusing for 4x4 vehicle owners.  Most vehicle owners will replace their 4x4 suspension once of the time of vehicle ownership. We are replacing suspension often on a daily basis.





Looking to lift the suspension in your 4x4 ??


At Ashmore RWC and Automotive Services we stick to using high quality products such as Dobinsons 4X4 suspensions that we have tried and tested ourselves. We have a Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle that has the Dobinsons suspension setup fitted.

If you’re tempted to purchase products for the “cheap” factor be mindful that those products are not always of best quality. You get what you pay for.  From leaking shocks to broken or sagged springs, we’ve  come across it all on numerous occasions.  It isn’t nice to have to pay to fit the same part twice, let alone fitting a part with bolts holes that don’t line up. (Most of these suppliers will require the old parts back and won’t contribute to any labour costs.)


Here at Ashmore RWC we use Dobinsons for suspension upgrades.  We can fit 2” lift kits to most 4X4’s on the market, Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok and Mitsubishi Triton being the most popular.  Current laws (can be subject to change) allow for 2″ or 50mm legal height increase on a 4x4 in QLD, without having to obtain a modification plate (in QLD).  Keep in mind, you will need to advise your insurance company of those changes.

Mitsubishi Triton suspension upgrade Mitsubishi triton suspension upgrade

We are a Dobinsons approved suspension fitment workshop and have all of the necessary equipment to do the job right the first time. It’s best to go straight to the place that is fitting the product for a competitive price.


Call / Text / Email today for a quote to upgrade your 4WD suspension. What we will usually require is the make and model of the car, a QLD rego number (if not QLD the VIN – Vehicle Identification Number) and what you require; eg: upgrade with standard height, 25mm, 40mm lift or 50mm lift. It is also handy to know if you are regularly towing as fitment of airbags in the rear suspension can sometimes be of benefit.





Other factors that we need to be mindful of when lifting vehicle suspension from standard are things like brake lines, abs sensors, bump stops and ball joints. Most vehicles will tolerate a 40-50mm suspension lift with only minor modifications. Anything further will usually require additional labour time and parts to keep everything safe.





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