Hyundai i30 steering knock or clunk: Is your Hyundai clunking?

The Hyundai i30 steering knock is very common problem in these models and it tends to happen just outside the warranty period. Wear and tear of a part inside the power steering is most commonly the cause of the knocking or clunking sound. We have found this common on FD models and now the later GD models too!

The good news is that you don’t have to go back to the dealer to have the steering knock fixed! Thankfully we can look after your Hyundai steering problems, including repairs or replacement, at our workshop in Ashmore on the Gold Coast.  We are experts in this area and carry out this repair on a weekly basis! We always have the parts in stock for this one.

[Please note: we can also fix the same fault in your Hyundai I40, Hyundai Santa Fe, Velostar, Sonata and some Kia Models such as the Kia Koup. The Hyundai Accent does not appear to be affected.]

How the Hyundai i30 Steering Clunk is fixed

It’s a relatively involved job to fix the Hyundai i30 steering knock and will usually be completed within 3 hours. While the process takes some time, the necessary replacements parts are cheap, just a little plastic bush called the ‘spyder bush’ usually around $30.

Power steering in the Hyundai is different to what most people are familiar with. There is a motor attached to the steering column which gives the power steering assistance, and the steering is electronic. 

After wearing out and losing its gears / teeth (which stop it from meshing) the plastic star-shaped bush tends to fail. As a result, this creates the hideous knocking or clunking noise. If left for too long we have seen the gear on the motor wear out too.

In some instances we have also seen the steering unit joint have problems but this isn’t as common.  The joint is very quick to replace, especially once the steering column has been removed – similar to the plastic bush.

This isn’t a repair that I would recommend to have go at yourself.  Once the bush has been replaced the the steering column has been put back together, the ESP will usually illuminate. This happens due to the fact that the steering electronics will need to be reset / recalibrated with a specialist scan tool – which fortunately we have at our workshop.  There has been some instances have damaged the gear on the EPS column which has resulted in a complete steering column replacement.

It’s best to have this repair carried out as soon as possible after you hear the knock noise. Otherwise it can cause other issues with the steering column which makes things alot more costly.

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Something also worth noting, we have had instances where the power steering motor has failed causing there to be no Power Steering assistance. In these cases we have had to replace the complete steering column assembly. We can sometimes source a refurbished unit.

Hyundai I30 Steering Problems

Hyundai I30 Steering Column disassembled

Another piece of information that we would like to share is that we have now had 3 vehicles that have presented a noise after the replacement of the steering column bush. Each of these vehicles had repairs carried out at other workshops and all were found to have either a faulty airbag clock spring due to incorrect fitment of the airbag clock spring itself and another had a noisy steering motor which appeared to have been lined up incorrectly on re installation .  When you are choosing a mechanic to carry out this repair for you, please ensure they have some experience in these.

We can also fix the same fault in your Hyundai I40, Hyundai Santa Fe, Velostar, Sonata and some Kia Models such as the Kia Koup. The Hyundai Accent does not appear to be in the same category.

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