Suspension, Shock Absorbers and Struts

Steering Repairs, Bush Faults and Ball Joint Replacement

Suspension refers to so much more than simply the shock absorber’s in your car.Every vehicle has various rubber bushes and mounts that contribute to stability and that safer, more sturdy feeling when you’re driving.  Serious suspension problems can be very unsafe to you and others on the road. Suspension is always checked as part of any routine car service to ensure that are no visible safety issues, and it forms part of a Roadworthy inspection.

Steering Repairs

Steering repairs that are sometimes required include: steering racks, power steering pumps, power steering hoses, steering rack ends, tie rod ends and rack boots. We can also replace wheel bearings for you.  We also specialise in fixing the steering knock in the Hyundai I30.

What we check when inspecting steering

We do a road test, check for excessive movement in tie rod ends, rack ends, rack bushes, rack mounting points, column and universal joints. (rack and pinion type steering)In the past, when replacing front suspension, it was common to replace the strut or shock only. What we are finding to be a more common issue is requiring new strut tops or strut mounts. Labour wise it won’t usually cost extra, you’ll just need to pay for the parts.

What we look for to find a strut or shock absorber fault

Leaks, excessively bouncy, damaged, bent, noisy in operation.

What we look for to find a bush fault

Broken, torn, excessively sagged, oil soaked, oil leaking (if it is a hydraulic type bush)The most common bush repair we carry out in our workshop would be control arm bush replacement. These bushes maintain the stability on the vehicle and make it hold the road better.
toyota estima rear axle beam suspension

Toyota Estima rear axle beam suspension

Ball Joint Replacement

Ball joints are a very important safety component on your vehicles suspension system. The scary part is that a lot of mechanics don’t know how to check them correctly. They are a roadworthy item and are just as important as things like brakes and tyres!Ball joints work similar to your hip joint. They are a spherical joint which connect suspension components together. Failure of a ball joint can be catastrophic.  Some of the more common vehicles that we replace lower ball joints on include Jeeps, Ford Falcons and Ford Territory. in these particular vehicles, when the lower ball joint fails the wheel will literally go straight into the guard panel, damaging the body work and losing steering control to that side of the vehicle.The picture below shows complete failure of a ball joint on an AU Ford falcon. Scary!We replace ball joints regularly on vehicles such as Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Navara D40 and Mitsubishi Pajero to name a few
suspension ball joint failure gold coast

Ball joint failure on Ford Falcon.

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